How to Save Money on Prescription Eye Glasses and Contact Lenses

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I have been saving money by ordering prescription glasses online for many years now.

Though I have my go-to sites for discounted glasses and contacts, I was excited to be given an opportunity to try and

If you’re looking for ways to save money on prescription eye glasses and contact lenses, you’ll definitely want to check these two sites out as options! offers eye glasses starting at just $9.95 with free shipping on all orders. Since lenses are finished in and ship from the USA, you can get overnight or same-day shipping if you’re in a rush. offers the lowest price guaranteed on their lenses with a price matching policy, and shipping is free on all orders over $99. You can also get 20% off as a new customer! (Just look for the new customer banner at the top of their website to get your promo code.)

Both sites offer a FREE 365-day return policy. That means if the lenses aren’t working for you — or even if your prescription changes — you can return them for a year after your initial purchase.

One of the things I loved about was that they offer the option for you to virtually try on many of the glasses. This really helped me to decide which pair to go with.

You just go to their site and look for the Instant Try On Feature. Click on it and they walk you through the steps of how to do it. Basically, you’ll just take a few photos of yourself and a quick video of your face turning side to side with your computer’s camera (they coach you on exactly how to do this) and then they upload it to their Instant Try On section.

Once you’ve done this, then a little icon will appear next to all of the glasses that are set up for this feature. While not every pair of glasses offers this, a number of them do and I decided to only choose between the ones that offered this since it was SO helpful to see very accurately what the glasses would look like on me!

If you are nervous about knowing how to get the correct measurements for your glasses, I recommend asking your eye doctor for this information. I had an eye appointment and just told them that I was ordering my glasses online and could they measure my eyes for this. They were happy to do so!

I was very pleased with the pair of glasses I ended up with. They look cute, they are very comfortable, and they fit me well.

While they aren’t as sturdy or high-quality as what you might get if you were paying for a much more expensive pair of name brand glasses, at the price that they were ($57 + $19 for the Gold Lens Package + $10 for the Anti-Reflective Coating), I was incredibly happy with them and will wear them over and over again — probably for years to come (provided my prescription continues to stay stable as it has for a number of years!)

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